Applied Industrial Physical Chemistry

Characterization and development of colloidal systems for industrial applications. In such lines is the study and development of bituminous systems. In recent years, research has focused strongly on on the improvement of the performance of bituminous materials through bioadditives with particular attention to the problem of adhesion and recycling of oxidized bitumen (green asphalt).

The research activities and knowledge on soft matter concern the systematic study of lipotropic phases to be used as innovative biological colloids and as controlled release systems of target molecules. The determination of static and dynamic phase balances of surfactant solutions in different solvents has made this laboratory an international reference point in the analysis of colloidal systems. In this field in recent years the research line on the development and characterization of high-performance bituminous systems has established itself. Through projects with different industries, the interaction mechanisms between new surfactants and the bituminous colloidal matrix have been successfully studied. This research has involved the interest of academic and industrial research groups, creating a highly qualified scientific network. For the scientific results obtained in this field, the laboratory is considered Pavement Expert at international level, obtaining prestigious awards. Four years ago an academic spin-off was established, KIMICAL s.r.l. with the following aims:

- solving problems;

- design of new additives and formulated according to the needs required by the client company;

- mix design for the design of road pavements;

- characterization of products with the most advanced chemical-physical techniques and study of their effect on bituminous systems.

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